Owners Abused Him and Dumped Him in the Bushes to Die

He never stopped fighting for his life.


The story of 5-week-old Rumble is one of those stories that break our hearts into a million pieces and make us question our faith in humanity. This sweet pup was abused so severely that he barely pulled through and still has a long road to complete recovery.

Rumble was left to die in the bushes beside a mobile home park in Clarkson, Michigan. His fragile body was in so much pain that he couldn’t move and was all covered in maggots.

Luckily, someone heard his cries for help and took him to the “Canine Companions Rescue Center”.

The poor dog suffered severe brain injury because of a broken skull. That also led to partial blindness. Rumble was put on life support and although everyone prayed for the best outcome, they knew his chances of survival were bleak.

It looked like his condition was getting worse as time passed by, but eventually, the staff at the hospital managed to stabilize him.

It’s been a month now since Rumble was rescued and although he seems fine for now, his recovery depends on the healing of his neurological system.

But he’s getting all the love and affection and that gives him the strength to fight.

Good news is that the evil owners who hurt Rumble and broke his skull were identified as Heather Bradley and Jeremy Atkins and are charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. We hope they will spend a long time behind bars, where they belong.

Please share Rumble story and help the culprits get the strictest sentence.





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